If our lines are closed or busy call the 24-hour National Helpline on FREEPHONE 0800 027 1234


We provide domestic abuse support to women in the community in places suitable to them when it is needed.

Our localities teams will initially offer up to 16 sessions to help meet your specific needs, they will work with you to agree a support plan and to help address any issues related to domestic abuse that you may have.  This could include help to improve your safety, referring you or signposting you to others services, advocating on your behalf and helping you to cope with what has happened to you by addressing practical and emotional issues.

To access any of our services call 0131 315 8110 or email duty@edinwomensaid.co.uk. If you wish to refer a client to us please also contact us using the Referral Form below and this email address:

No woman or child should be subjected to domestic abuse. If it is happening to you, please remember, it’s not your fault and we can help. Follow this link for more details of our Crisis Support Service