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Recovery Support (CEDAR)

Recovery support is provided for women and their children who are out of immediate harm, focusing on the journey to process and understand the trauma of the domestic abuse they have experienced.

CEDAR (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) programme is a 10-12 week therapeutic and peer support group work programme for mothers and their children, aged 5-16 years, who have experienced domestic abuse:

  • Mothers and children have their own individual groups.
  • This supports mothers and children with their own recovery, as well as providing mothers with the tools to help support their children.
  • Groups run during school term-time.


For more information about CEDAR, please visit the website;

Cedar Network – children experiencing domestic abuse recovery

If you would like to refer yourself and your child/ren to the programme, please complete and submit the document below to us at:

CYP/CEDAR Referral Form – click on to open blank form and email to cedar@edinwomensaid.co.uk